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You can take your flight to Lhasa from almost any place from mainland China (non-direct flight), but we recommend to you to take it from Chengdu because there are many daily flights, and also the cheapest. There is not any international flight between Tibet and other countries except Nepal (Air China CA407/CA408 and Sichuan Airlines 3U8719/3U8720). Please, notice that you need to show your original Tibet Travel Permit when travelling from Mainland China and your Tibet Group VISA when travelling from Nepal in order to be allowed to board your plane.

Flight duration and price to Lhasa:

Departure Destination Duration Price (one way)
Kathmandu Lhasa 1h 400-500 USD
Chengdu Lhasa 2h 1680 RMB
Beijing Lhasa 5:30h 2600 RMB
Shanghai Lhasa 5:30h 2950 RMB
Xi’an Lhasa 3:10h 1840 RMB
Xining Lhasa 2:30h 1800 RMB
Chongqing Lhasa 2:20 1820 RMB
Guangzhou Lhasa 5:25h 2690 RMB

We can provide flight tickets to our customers who want to enter Tibet from Mainland China or Nepal. Prices shown above are official prices. Due to the limited offer of tickets for this flights line, prices may change at the time of booking. Please contact us to get the latest available prices.