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Tibetan Guide Travel Tours is registered at local Tibet Tourism Office

We are a local Tibetan travel agency based in Lhasa that always work hard and take great care for our clients by using local services as much as possible. All our experienced team both our tour guides and drivers has been in Tibet tourism industry for more than a decade. Especially our guides, who have good command over English as well as abundant knowledge about Tibet culture and history. Having a experienced and patient guide is the key factor when booking a tour. In short, we believe Reliability of a travel agent and professionalism of an agencies depend entirely on the efficiency of Tour guide. Our agency is proud to be working with professional and experienced local tibetan tour guides to ensure you a Tibet travel filled with memory of its people, its land and its culture..

We are offering absolutely customizable private tours to fit perfectly with your travel style. We also operate join-in group tours on fixed departures for those who are looking for different Tibetan adventure with travellers from all around the world. We also have good partnerships with Mainland China, Nepal, Bhutan and other international travel agencies.

Be aware that some websites and local guides are trying to impersonate us: don’t trust any of them. In case of doubt, please send an email to us: info@tibetanguide.com.

Legal certificates

Our company is registered as Tibet Xin Yun Travel Service CO.LTD in Lhasa city. Our Tourism License is L-XZ00278.

TibetanGuide - Tibet Tourism License
Tibet Tourism License
TibetanGuide - State Administration for Industry and Commerce
State Administration for Industry and Commerce

Who are we?

Mima Dhondup
Managing Director

My Name is Dhondup and I’m the owner of the company Tibet Xin Yun Travel Service CO.LTD, and Tibetan Guide’s co-founder. Born and rised in Shigatse area, now I’m based in Lhasa. After my graduation at Tibet University and many years working as guide, I started my own company. I have 12+ years experience in Tibet Tourism industry, and some of our tour guides had been more than 20 years working in this field. If you are travelling to Tibet, please contact us, we are able to arrange for you any tailor-made private tour as requested, including trekking, cultural, spiritual tours and even find a group of like-minded travellers to join. Please let us know, what do you like to do in Tibet, which places do you like to explore and how many days do you want to stay in Tibet. I personally take care of every detail of your trip so it became wonderfull and memorable once in a lifetime experience. Our main goal is to make you feel at home.

Alfonso Para in Tibet
Alfonso Para

Dhondup was Alfonso‘s guide during his 1st trip to Tibet two decades ago. Since then, Alfonso helped him to become a truly tour operator in Tibet. For many years he kept travelling to Tibet helping locals selflessly and gratefully receiving the knowledge that a simple visit can’t teach you. His life changed when an international travel agency offered him a position to cover the Himalaya destinations as a product manager. Finally, in 2014 Alfonso decided to incorporate his own company in Europe focusing in all the Tibetan areas along the Himalayas; including India, Nepal, Bhutan and the whole Tibetan Plateau. After moving to Kathmandu shortly, he ended his nomadic life settling down in Lhasa with his Tibetan wife and their son. Alfonso has been leading several groups every year until the birth of his son in September 2019; mostly Kailash tours for Spanish speakers and scouting locations for renowned photographers & artists. Loves trekking and has completed all major treks in Tibet. Always restless, he’s expanding our product offering every season.


Jampa is natural from Lhasa and has been guiding in Central and Western Tibet for the past +10 years. She is one of the leading female guides in Tibet and is an expert in Tibetan culture and religion. In addition to guiding package and small group journeys, she also assists in guiding International Professionally Guided Tours.

Trekking Guide

My name is Sonam. I am a guide of Dhondup and had been guide for 15 years. I have experienced many tourist places in Tibet because I been all these places taking groups there. I studied my english in nepal for more then fififteen years. I like to explain our culture, history, customs and so on. Plus this I had a special trekking experience because i did them all of the trekking place in tibet. This is one portion of my life history

Tibetan Guide Tenzin Gelek
Tenzin Gelek

I was born and brought up near Mount Everest. My village is not far from Everest Base Camp so I am used to high altitude. I have completed my education in a foreign country. Now I am active as tour guide. I take tour groups, private family tours and trekking tours all around Tibet. When I work I make sure about client satisfaction with my guiding experience. To be honest, I have been working with many agencies but I only work with Tibetan Guide now because of the united spirit between the whole staff, responsible management and total customer care focus. Very happy to be part of this amazing company. Welcome to the land of tibet! Truly yours, Tenzin Gelek.


My name Dorjee I was born in Shigatse and I came to Lhasa in 1989 and I wanted to a school in Lhasa and leaned Tibet history and some others about 7 years Than I learned English since 2000 started local guide different places between Lhasa and Kalash about the so long times that means 19 years, because I love this jobs thanks all.

Tenzin Phuntsok

My name is Tenzin phuntsok I was born in Lhasa and schooling in Lhasa. Since 2006 I did local tour guide. I did work about 8 year under the Tibetanguide travel service, we always wait you to come Tibet through our travel Company.