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The Great Himalayan Journey!

We return to the most desired route: flight to Beijing and adjustment to the Asian time zone according to your days available before taking a flight / sky train to Tibet. Your adventure begins in Lhasa, exploring the most sacred monasteries on the Tibetan Plateau and the highest mountains on earth. Descending from Mt. Everest North Face, your will cross the Himalayas from north to south into Nepal. Finally, you will culminate your trip at the iconic Taktshang, the Tiger’s Nest, in Bhutan. Currently, only private trips are available. Interested in group trips? Sign up for our mailing list.

2024 Mt. Kailash Kora Tours

Tashi delek! And Happy New Year!!

Although we are renowned for our spectacular three-week Mt. Kailash pilgrimage trips, many individuals reaching out to us have expressed the desire for shorter itineraries, enabling them to undertake the journey during their two-week vacation.

We are delighted to announce that within the next week, we will unveil three new itineraries that facilitate completing the Kora around Mt. Kailash in a shorter timeframe. This includes a more traditional 12-day option concluding at the Nepal border, with the alternative of finishing in Lhasa within 15 days.

As pioneers of tourism in Tibet, we are also excited to announce the inaugural regular departures to Mt. Kailash with a return to Lhasa featuring the most impressive flight in the Himalayas, all in just a 14-day itinerary.

Proposed dates for Kailash Kora 12 days tour ending in Nepal or 15 days ending in Lhasa:

June 14 (full moon at Mt. Kailash)
July 13 (full moon at Mt. Kailash)
August 11 (full moon at Mt. Kailash)
September 10 (full moon at Mt. Kailash)

12 seats only! The best quality for the best price!!

And remember, we still have 2 departures for our top 19-day itinerary to Mt. Kailash with some spaces left! One starts on May 13 (Saga Dawa Festival), and the other on August 3.

For further details, please reach out to us. Following the Christmas holidays, the influx of requests has surpassed our daily capacity, and it will take a few days to update our website. We sincerely appreciate your support and referrals to friends and family. Your assistance is invaluable to us and truly makes a difference. Thank you! To-che-na!


2024 Friendship Highway Group Tours: Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland

Bookings are now open for our Friendship Highway 2024 group tours from Lhasa to the Nepal border / Kathmandu. Embark on a 7 or 8-day journey across the Tibetan Plateau, exploring the most sacred Buddhist monasteries and the mightiest mountains on earth. Witness the transition from the barren Tibetan Plateau to the lush foothills of Nepal.

Group tour rates start at $1190 USD per person (7 days tour).
– $50 USD discount from April 1st to June 20th.
– $240 USD discount from November 1st to February 28th.

All bookings made with more than 6 months in advance will receive an additional $50 discount or the option to enjoy an extra day in Lhasa at the beginning of the group tour.

Prefer a bespoke tour? We can tailor it to match your interests and travel style, offering experiences such as local tea house experience, blind massage, cooking class, religious offerings at temples or monasteries, visit to Tibetan family, and more. Please consult with us for further details.


China VISA exemptions

Dear European & Malaysian friends,

We are happy to announce that China has announced a 15-day visa-free entry for citizens of Spain, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Malasia from December 1st, 2023 to November 30th, 2024. Visa-free entry to China will be available for citizens of those countries with ordinary passports travelling for business, sightseeing, visiting relatives and friends, and in transit.

Tibet awaits you!!


2024 Season Group tours

Tashi delek! We’re thrilled to announce our new 2024 season tour programs: in the coming weeks, we will unveil our new group offers. Get ready! All bookings made with more than 6 months in advance will receive a $50 discount or the option to enjoy an extra day in Lhasa at the end of the group tour free of cost.

Our first group departure starts in Lhasa on April 1st, for an 8-9 day Everest tour + Namtso Lake adventure. Departure is guaranteed. Prices start at just $1115 USD per person. For more details, feel free to contact us or browse our website.

Best wishes from the holy city of Lhasa! 🙏


Saga Dawa Festival 2024

Tashi delek! Exciting news – our confirmed classic Saga Dawa Festival 19-day tour awaits you. Arrive in Lhasa on May 13th, 2024, and depart from the heart of Tibet on May 31st. This incredible Tibetan adventure is guided by the best and with unrivalled service quality.

With inflation on the global rise and our enhancements, including additional visits and top-tier accommodations, we’re adjusting the price to $3100 USD per person. However, seize the moment and secure the earlier rate of $2850 USD until September 15th by joining now! Don’t miss out on this incredible journey (limited spots available).

2025 Saga Dawa Festival departure is also guaranteed.

We’re crafting innovative new Kailash itineraries. Reach out for more details!

2023 China Visa Update

We recommend starting the visa process 3 months in advance of your intended entry date to Tibet.

Alternative: Online visa application is available for specific cases (consult us, minimum 2 people, not valid for most trips to Mt. Kailash).

Due to the new regulations governing visa issuance at Chinese consulates worldwide, it is necessary to schedule an online appointment and physically visit the corresponding visa center. Please note that in many cases, appointments are being scheduled for 2-4 weeks later.

Remember that we need 2-4 weeks from the date your visa is issued to process your entry permits to Tibet, so it’s best not to leave the visa process until the last moment.

To travel to Tibet, in addition to the necessary permits to enter Tibet, a Chinese visa is required:

Traveling to Tibet via Nepal: There is still no Kathmandu – Lhasa flight. Entry must be done overland in groups of at least 4 people or by making a stopover in China. The entire group must leave the country together, either on the same flight or by returning to Nepal overland.

Traveling to Tibet via China: The visa must be applied for in the country of origin, providing all the required documentation. Once the visa is obtained, the entry permits to Tibet are processed. Consult us to see if it would be possible to apply online in your case (minimum 2 people).

Tibet awaits you!

Dear friends & partners – Tashi delek!

We’re expecting that borders will be open to international tourists anytime this year. China lifted all pandemic restrictions to enter the country on January 8th (a 48h negative PCR is needed only) and will gradually resume the entry and exit of passengers at land ports too. Tourist VISA still not being issued, hopefully it will change in the following months. At the moment, only China residents are allowed to visit Tibet.

To all our new & old partners; tour operators, travel agencies and tour & expedition leaders around the world: We are ready to welcome you in Lhasa again! Please, contact us anytime to plan the current and 2024 seasons.

We celebrate Losar (Tibetan New Year) on February 21st and all the team will be on holiday for a couple of weeks. We plan to start announcing our group departures in March, including our most requested & highest ranked trips during the Saga Dawa Festival 2023 (bookings open).

Contact us now if you are interested in a particular itinerary but willing to join a group. Remember we can always organize a bespoke tour for you, your family & friends.

Thank you for your support during these terrible 3 years. We start from scratch with more desire than ever.

All our best wishes to you and your families,
The Tibetan Guide Team